Tour Payment

Registration is now open.

These tours are economical because they are dependent on each passenger.

The tour is a go once six passengers make a deposit. Each scheduled tour will remain open until three weeks before departure or when full.

The deposit of $1,000 is fully refundable until the minimum number of passengers required commit to a specific tour. That money will be used to contract the passenger van and driver and the deposit is no longer refundable.

Once a tour is secured, each passenger has two weeks to make a second payment of $1,300.

If a passenger does not pay, the company will look for a replacement passenger.

The final payment is $1,000 at the border.

If a passenger discovers he or she can’t go, contact BillsMexicanTours immediately. We will try to obtain a new passenger in order to refund your payment.

People see little of Mexico on most three to seven day tours. Month-long tours provide the best chance to see, touch, hear, smell and taste Mexico. However, if you are limited on time contact us. Perhaps you can fly in and join a tour for one or two weeks. If you only have a week, but want to experience Mexico, instead of a “Mexico” specifically designed for American tastes, contact us. Although more expensive, we can arrange a guide to aid you in many Mexican cities.

For further information contact Bill at:

 W.B. Kaliher
2387 Griffith Dr., NW
Orangeburg, S.C. 29118
Tel. 803-536-0036

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