Know México! Tour

Know Mexico


Our most economical semi-adventurous trip-28 days

Passenger limits: Minimum 6: Maximum 8

This trip is designed to maximize contact with the culture and people while enjoying scenery, historic cities and archeological ruins.

Departs Eagle Pass, Texas/Piedras Negras, Mexico the first of every month

(Transportation from San Antonio, Texas on the last day of previous month can be arranged or auto storage in Eagle Pass, Texas.)


Day 1: Cross border and travel to Saltillo, Mexico founded in 1575.

Day 2: Saltillo: Among the sites are: The Churriqueresque-Baroque Cathedral of Santiago built between 1746 and 1801. The Church of San Esteban dating to 1592, the Plaza Alameda, the bird museum, Antiguo Colegio de San Juan, the original Centro Cultural Vanguardia and the Fernando Soler municipal theatre.

Day 3: Travel to Matehuala or Real de Catorce.

Day 4: Exploring the abandoned town of Real de Catorce: featured in several motion pictures including Bandidas (Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz), The Mexican ( Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts), and some scenes of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre ( Humphrey Bogart).

Day 5: Travel to Poza Rica or Papantla, the vanilla capitol of Mexico.

Day 6: Visit the mysterious ruins of El Tajin. If time allows, the nearby little-known archeological site of Cuyuxquihui.

Day 7: A short drive to Costa Esmeralda, for a day and night on the Gulf beach strip.

Day 8: Travel to Veracruz, with a stop at either Quiahulixlan, where Cortez landed, or the ruins of Cempoala.

Day 9 and 10: Visiting Veracruz.

Day 11: Travel to Catemaco and the Los Tuxtlas region.

Day 12: Catemaco and touring the volcanic lake.

Day 13: Catemaco, the ocean drive.

Day 14. Visiting the cigar rolling plants, coffee plantation and main waterfall.

Day 15: Travel to Puebla

Day 16: Puebla; founded in 1531, three hundred ninety-one blocks form the historical area with 2,169 buildings of historic significance reflecting colonial Spain.

Day 17: Puebla and Choula.

Day 18: Travel to Jalapa.

Day 19: Jalapa

Day 20: Travel to Cd. Valles.

Day 21: Travel to Zacatecas, the silver mining capitol of the world for 500 years.

Day 22: Zacatecas & La Quemada.

Day 23: Zacatecas & Aguascalientes.

Day 24: Travel to Saltillo.

Day 25: Travel to Parras.

Day 26: Parras.

Day 27: Travel to Cuatrocienegas.

Day 28: Return to the United States.


The cost of this trip is $3,300 per person for passage, guides and transportation. This amount does not include food and lodging. These expenses should be under $2,000 for food* and hotels (based on double occupancy.) Each explorer will probably spend another $500-plus on activities and souvenirs.

* Obviously if someone dines at the Ritz every night they will spend more for food.

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